What Are Mods?
Mods (A.K.A. addOns) are modified files used to enhance general gameplay.  ATCAG uses several mods to make ArmA more immersive.

What Mods Does ATCAG Require?
•    Community Base Addons
•    CUP – Terrains
•    CUP – Weapons
•    CUP – Units
•    CUP – Vehicles
      Optional Mods:
       •    VCOM AI

What Additional Mods Can I Use?
We only permit client-side mods.
Using mods that aren’t on the server and add items to the game, such as weapons or uniforms,  will cause errors to spam the server and gradually decrease performance.  It can even cause crashing.

What Are Client-Side Mods?
Client-side mods do not add new items to the game.  Instead, they tweak only your experience in the game.  For example, sound mods or minor gameplay enhancement mods.  You can find our list of whitelisted client-side mods here.