• Must own ArmA 3
• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must be willing to download list of required mods
• Must abide by our Rules (Listed below)

• Be mature and respectful
• Must be a team player
• Must be in our TeamSpeak when playing on our server
• Must not activate additional mods that add items to the game when playing on our server
• Intentional friendly-fire incidents are strictly prohibited
• ATCAG members cannot be a part of any other ArmA group

How Can I Join?
Contact an ATCAG officer on Steam, our TeamSpeak, or even via E-mail.
If you choose to contact us via E-mail, be sure to include brief information about yourself and why you want to join us.  Your application will be reviewed within 3 days.
Name:  Frankie “Hustler” Hutzler
Age:  25
Location:  US, New York
BioTell us about your experience with ArmA, your availability to play with us online, and any other info about yourself you’d like to share.
Reason I’m ApplyingWhy do you want to join ATCAG?

Membership Benefits:
• Become part of the group through tactical cohesiveness
• Play with people who will enhance your immersion without the strict military protocols
• Invitations to ATCAG exclusive operations
• Represent the ATCAG patch on uniforms/vehicles in-game
• Assigned “[ATCAG]” tags in-game and on our TeamSpeak
• Eligible for training courses in all fields: Marksmanship, flight, etc.
• ATCAG server and TeamSpeak is always available

If you’re interested, but uncertain about joining ATCAG, feel free to connect to our server and/or TeamSpeak to get a better idea of whether our playstyle fits yours.

Bill “Chaser” Piper – ATCAG Founder
Frankie “Hustler” Hutzler – ATCAG Co-Founder