ArmA Tactical Combat Applications Group

An Online ArmA3 Community

What Do We Do?

What We DON’T Do
1.  Assign you as a number, rather than by name
2.  Establish a rank system
3.  Demand to be addressed as “Sir”
4.  Force you to go through hours of training
5.  Punish you for not being active

What We DO
1.  Expect everyone to be respectful and mature
2.  Encourage cohesive teamwork and communication
3.  Utilize real military tactics and strategies
4.  Provide an immersive environment in our missions
5.  Offer volunteer training opportunities


Role Assignments

Within ATCAG, members will need to fill a variety of roles. Each role require specialized skills and equipment.  Listed below are the roles, skills, duties, and equipment needed on missions.

Team Leader
AT Rifleman
Explosives Specialist
Intelligence Specialist
Designated Marksman/Sniper
Scout Sniper

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Our Style

Tactical Realism

We play ArmA using real military tactics, techniques, and procedures when operating in a mission.  From planning our approach to assault an AO, to cohesively clearing buildings as a team, our goal is to provide an immersive and effective way of playing ArmA as a team-oriented group.

“Too Much Realism”

Rank and strict military protocols do not exist in our unit; they’re unneeded and impede enjoyment of the game, rather than add onto it.  There are no Command Sergeant Majors and there’s no need to address anyone as “Sir.”


Our membership program functions in this order:

•   ATCAG Recruit: New member being assessed whether he fits the group or not
•   ATCAG Member: Approved official member of ATCAG
•   ATCAG Veteran: Trusted member of ATCAG that has been with us for a while
•   ATCAG Senior: Leadership role of the group

Everyone is treated the same.  We respect each other equally and do not talk down to one another.  ATCAG aims to become a family of trusted individuals with great attitude and a shared interest in tactical realism in ArmA.


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