ATCAG hosts its own “Insurgency” mission which was made from scratch over two years ago and is still being actively updated today.  It’s all scripted and does NOT use ALiVE or ACE.

What Is The Objective?
    Search buildings for INTEL
    Question civilians for INTEL
    Dead insurgents can drop INTEL
    Once INTEL is acquired, a ? marker will appear on the map
•    The ? markers are clues within the vicinity of a cache
•    The more INTEL you find, the closer the ? markers appear
•    Weapons caches can be destroyed with remote explosives
•    There are nearly 100 grids occupied with insurgents to clear
•    RED grids will turn BLUE after being cleared

    Random insurgent patrols in forests, valleys, hills, mountains, and towns
    Insurgents may also be mounted on static weapons, such as mortars
    Civilian traffic, parked cars, pedestrians, and residents
    Civilians may decide to pull out a concealed weapon or strap on a suicide vest
    Randomly generated roadside IEDs
    Randomly generated roadside VBIEDs
    Domesticated animals in villages
    Call to prayer sound emits from minarets in villages every hour
    ArmA 2:OA style post-processing effect/color corrections
    Basic wind simulation effects trajectory/velocity of fired rounds
    Wind direction changes throughout the mission
    Random wind and fog values, which change throughout the mission
    Virtual Arsenal is accessible from the weapon racks at base
    Respawn at base or on friendlies in your group, if enemies aren’t within 75m of them
    Players respawn with the loadout they died with
    JTAC role can call in CAS to bomb a target location once every 10 minutes
    Players can attempt to field repair vehicles, but E.O.D.’s with a ToolKit is more efficient
    Load/unload crates or small vehicles onto a HEMTT or transport helicopter
    Vehicle rearm, repair, and refuel station in front of hangars
    Destroyed vehicles will respawn at base after 2 minutes
    Players can toss ropes from a transport helicopter they are in and rappel down when it’s stationary

Takistan Insurgency is one of the most optimized insurgency missions out there:
    Global Video Settings: Everyone has reduced draw distance for shadows, objects, and visibility
    Garbage collection: Removes dropped equipment, destroyed vehicles, corpses, etc.
    Optimized Scripts: Cleaned all scripts of needless content for optimal filesize
    Improved AI Spawning: Slowly spawn AI units to reduce stutter and desync

This mission is an homage to the ArmA 2 insurgency mission by Fireball / PogoMan